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Can AI tell if someone will be a great employee? Evalit Can (and It’s Scary Accurate)

Got 60 seconds? With the Evalit free assessment tool, this is enough to make the right hire.

A Bengaluru-based start-up helps companies hire right by introducing pocket-friendly assessment tools for recruiters.

Reduce hiring mistakes and costly onboarding by starting to assess actual skills! Evalit helps you find top talent quickly and securely.

Expert-designed assessments help you find the perfect developers quickly and get rid of plagiarism.

The IT industry is experiencing a talent crunch like never before, with anxious graduates flooding the market; the number of applicants per job opening has skyrocketed to a staggering 1,000; and the IT recession has brought a 60% surge in applications per job opening (Team Leaseigital, May 2023). This overwhelms traditional resume-based screening methods, leaving recruiters drowning in irrelevant applications and struggling to find the true gems.

The World Economic Forum predicts a dramatic shift in the job market by 2025: 85 million jobs will be automated, while 97 million new ones will emerge in areas like technology, artificial intelligence, data science, growth, and creativity. While this is exciting news, it also poses a challenge: how to find and hire the talent required to succeed in this new environment.

To help businesses cope with this transformation, Sharpener, primarily known for producing high-quality developers, has launched Evalit, a platform for coding evaluation that goes beyond resumes, focusing on demonstrable skills through practical challenges and simulations.

Not to rely just on resumes, according to a WEF report, nearly all jobs would require critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical thinking skills—all of which are now essential and are frequently difficult to evaluate using traditional methods.

In addition, Evalit is addressing the current issue of finding potential coders by allowing recruiters to evaluate their coding skills using high-end compilers that support four languages.

Companies can build high-performing teams with fewer mis-hires and faster growth with

Evalit’s co-founder Yash Prasad says, “We decided to fix this by introducing Evalit and making it accessible to all-sized companies, irrespective of their hiring frequency.” We have recently heard from most businesses that tech hires fail within 18 months, often due to mismatched skills and a poor cultural fit.

Evalit’s innovative technology creates a robust invigilation configuration for its platform, allowing candidates to showcase potential skills and prevent cheating during remote tests, leading to seamless tech hiring and reduced hiring time.

Evalit eliminates the resume hurdle by utilising skill-specific challenges and data-driven insights to uncover each candidate’s hidden potential.

While AI has made it easier for job seekers to cheat during online exams, Evalit is equipped with modern features that enable double security checks to stop it. Curated by highly skilled professionals, Evalit provides pre-configured tests with over 95% accuracy with anti-GPT question libraries for coding assessment.

Not just coding assessments Evalit also covers aptitude-based interview questions, which helps recruiters close the job faster and easier, as well as end-to-end assessment, from critical thinking to problem-solving, Not just that, Evalit also covers skill-based assessment, which lets recruiters eliminate the issue of plagiarism

This way, Evalit helps companies suggest the top 1% of applicants from the pool and cut time-to-hire by letting businesses build potential teams faster than ever by investing time wisely.

To make assessment tools accessible to all-sized companies, irrespective of their hiring frequency, Evalit offers free-for-ever (freemium) and paid plans that suit different needs.

In fact, the freemium plan is so good that most of the startups will not have to pay a dime until they are bulk hiring.

Evalit lets you reveal resumes that do not tell the whole story. Pricing plans start at just Rs. 30, and Evalit lets recruiters level up the recruitment by prohibiting keyword-stuffed resumes; instead, let the candidate demonstrate practical challenges to assess their real role-based skills.

Evalit’s remote-friendly platform with robust invigilation checks ensures recruiters evaluate genuine talent, not resume-making skills. Eliminate bias, reduce time-to-hire, and build high-performing teams for the future to cope with the upcoming technological advancements.

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