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Digitalz Pro Reveals the Importance of a Website’s Page Loading Speed: The Ranking Price a Client Had to Pay

 Loading Speed: The Ranking Price a Client Had to Pay

Web developers and SEO Experts spend so much time optimizing the loading speed of a website for so many reasons, the most important one being rankings. Page and website speed are the most crucial factors when it comes to search engines ranking your business website. Google is constantly trying to better the user experience, and slow website loading time is a big hindrance to this.

There is plenty of data that shows that faster website loading time and page speed can significantly push up the rankings for any website. There is no chance that people will find your website on the first page of search results if its loading speed is anything more than 3 seconds. Even if they do, people have extremely low attention spans and will not wait around for your website to show up for more than 3-4 seconds on average.

Your website’s Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) will also get a boost when you improve the loading speed of the pages. It is because you no longer will be losing out on leads that leave your website page. After all, the loading time is too high. Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool measures the loading speed of a website and provides page speed scores for both desktop and mobile versions of a webpage. You can use this tool to get recommendations for improvement of page speed and identify opportunities for optimization.

If your website has a poor PSI score, it indicates that your website pages do not meet Google’s speed and performance standards. If you want the best SEO agency in Faridabad to assist you in improving your website’s rankings, you can reach out to them on their website.

When your page speed is below standard, any other SEO strategy will fall flat. A survey shows that even a three-second delay in page speed can increase the bounce rate probability of a visitor by 32%. Statistics show that conversion rates of a website can drop by an average of 4.42% with every added second of loading time data. There is no “ideal website loading time” as such, but a loading time of 2 seconds or less is a standard you should maintain. Though as a website owner, you cannot control every aspect of a website’s loading speed, there are many elements within your control, such as optimizing the images, videos, JavaScript, etc on the website.

One of the most common issues that leads to a slow page speed is having a poor hosting platform. A big sign that you need to change your website’s hosting service is that the Time to First Byte of your website is extremely poor. No matter how much you streamline the files on your website, if your website host cannot deliver those files quickly, it will bring down the page speed and the overall user experience. Website owners often make the mistake of going with the cheapest available option when it comes to selecting a hosting service. What they do not realize is that they are making a huge compromise with the security and speed of their business website, so investing in a quality website host server is a wise decision.

“One of our clients hosted their website on a poor-quality hosting platform, which significantly increased the website’s page loading speed. The hosting service provider did not support certain features on the website, such as high-resolution images, pop-up forms, etc. It led to extremely slow website speed and drastically impacted the website’s rankings. All the other SEO strategies implemented by our team were failing. We brainstormed the reason behind this, and as per our findings, we suggested our client change the website’s hosting platform to a more reputed name in this domain. This small change brought down the page’s loading speed to 2 seconds, and the website’s ranking improved massively.” Founder Sidharth Jain, Digitalz Pro Media talked about his experience with a client.

This simple case study shows how significant the page loading speed of a website can be for any business owner. It is not easy for a business owner to look into these technicalities along with managing the core activities of a business. You can avail of the expert services like that of Digitalz Pro Media & Technologies to assist you in your SEO-related activities.

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