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Online grocery delivery made huge strides last year, and this year it is on the hyperdrive. Almost all players focus on delivery speed, and this is the USP of Kerala – based Eatiko, the latest kid in the online delivery block.

Founded in 2019 by Rejil Rahman and Fawas Kollaran, Eatiko is a Kerala-based food delivery startup that provides an online platform that would facilitate the delivery of food for customers from neighborhood restaurants.

The Formation of Eatiko – How It all Began

Rejil Rahman and Fawas Kolaran, the founders of Eatiko, meet each other while working at their own businesses. Both had been in contact with others since leaving their jobs, and very soon they decided to associate with the idea of a food delivery business. Of course, food delivery is nothing new in the Indian context, even though the model has not yet been fully explored. So Howincloud Solutions Pvt Ltd is one of the promising IT companies in Kerala, Which is led by Rejil Rahman. They took care of the complete development and services and it is still going.

The company is associated with small and large restaurants in the cities of its operations. The delivery boy then picks up the order and delivers it to the customer to fulfill the order. To place an order, they can go online and place it on Eatiko’s website or use the app available on major Playstore and Appstore. Eatiko is a delivery service and logistics system operating on a B2C model. Eatiko’s primary mission is to deliver food to its customers within a few hours.


Eatiko initially started out as a small city in Malappuram, but soon realized that it could not capture market opportunities in this way. So, to take advantage of the endless possibilities, Eatiko switched to a hyper-local delivery network. However, when the Eatiko started, they naturally had to face some more or less common hurdles, and startups were faced with the task of creating awareness and popularizing the business. Swiggy is one of the biggest names in the online food delivery market and one of the biggest competitors for Eatiko.

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Stay Home We Deliver | Eatiko Food Delivery App

Eatiko – Future Plans

Eatiko strives to be a market leader in the online delivery sector and is continuously expanding its range, which has widened from food to grocery, cakes, wellness products, and many more. Eatiko is looking to expand its business to tier II and tier III cities and provide the best experience to its customers.

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