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Flatmate.In Introducing : Make Your Team To Help Tenants To Look For Flat As A Group

Flatmate is an algorithm-based matchmaking platform for roommates. To make sure that people who end up living together can genuinely enjoy living together, flatmates are matched based on interests, lifestyle, and daily routine. In comparison to other platforms where users can just see room adverts, we display information about the potential roommate from the beginning. At, we pay attention to who is renting out this accommodation, to whom, and for how much. We place a lot of emphasis on compatibility and the human element of the process because if you and your roommate are not compatible, it won’t be a fun experience for either of you.

Since at, we care about communicating with our community, we commit to releasing new features that will make flat-sharing part of your life as good as it can be.

FlatMate Teams has come up with a unique and innovative concept where two or more people with the same lifestyle can make their team to find rented accommodation in a common location. To put it another way, Flat seekers can now team up via FlatMate, and apply for accommodation as a group.

We are aware that some of our customers are unable to use our platform to discover their ideal home for a variety of reasons, such as problems with the people already living in or expensive rent. Now, if a user is having trouble finding the ideal spot, they can collaborate with other users who are looking for accommodation in the same area and use our platform or other real estate websites to find a completely new non-occupied apartment for themselves.

Also in the near future, one of our main focus areas is owner onboarding. So when an owner lists his vacant flat on our platform, these teams will be shown to him.

How this works

  1. While posting your requirement, show your interest that you are interested in making a team. By enabling this feature you’ll be shown to other users who are ready to make a team.
  2. You will see a team icon when you search for your needs or while you are on the “My Matches” page. You may see all the users who are interested in creating a team by just clicking on that button.
  3. The team size and compatibility percentage are both displayed on the team page. Just narrow down your alternatives in accordance with your preferences and request them to include you in their teams.
  4. You may receive team requests from other people as well. Just check the team request page and decide whether to accept or reject the request.
  1. Once you have a team of yourself, you can chat with them and go over all of your alternatives (whether they are on our platform or on other websites), and bring your apartment hunt to a successful conclusion with your ideal roommates(team members).

Rest assured, We are constantly evolving with exciting features to bring compatible roommates together in environments where they’d truly enjoy living with each other.

 If there’s a feature that you think the flatmate app should have or any other suggestion that you might have, let’s catch up at and discuss it further.

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 If we implement your suggestion,  you might even see your name listed as the creator of this new feature on our website.

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