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Ink of Ambitions: Chahat Jain’s Journey to Unraveling India

My name is Chahat Jain and I am a 28 years old housewife. Ever since childhood, I have been a very avid reader and a curious being. Writing on a professional level had never held a meaning to me as it does now. It has been three years since I started writing, and the journey has been a very long one.

Initially, I started my career by writing random quotes whenever they came to me. But a push from the right people in the right direction kicked start the passion I held within myself which I myself wasn’t aware of. It’s true when people say, “Those that matter will always push you to the ground so that you learn to stand on your own feet.” The people who always believed in me, and still do, are the ones responsible for where I am today. But apart from that, those that always doubted me capabilities are my real supporters, solely due to the reason that it was because of them that I lit the fire within me to not only prove them wrong, but to pursue my passion.

I started my writing career as a co-author and at present, I have been a part of more than 20 anthologies with varying genres and themes. Currently, I am invested in various projects and these have helped me to not only grow as a writer, but find my ground as an author.

I have also received many awards, such as Fledgling Writer’s award, Author of the year, the most Inspirational Writer, etc. I was also felicitated amongst the top 40 writers of India. I have featured in many magazines by various publications.

At the moment, I am invested in getting my own book published, by the name THE CROOKED CANDOUR. My main genre happens to be psychological thrillers and this novella is based on the same. I like to keep my writing simple yet engaging, so that the reader keeps on turning the pages to quench their thirst for more.

I dream to get my thoughts across the globe to all the people from different walks of life, to glorify India and to show everyone why India has always been referred to as the ‘VISHWA GURU’. The misconceptions that are still there in the minds of many people, I wish to erase them and pen down the image of India that it actually is.

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