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Medical Coding and Billing Career-An Excellent Opportunity for Graduates

The demand for medical coding and billing specialist is always high. Medical coding and billing careers come with several perks, such as flexibility in a work setting and career advancement opportunities. Even before the COVID-19 situation, medical coders and billers experienced great career challenges and benefits. Apart from the flexibility to work remotely, they had the chance to increase their earning potential and make a difference in the lives of thousands of patients.

The medical coders and billers are employed by private practices, building companies, and hospitals. So it’s a befitting time if you want to start a career in this field. Following are ways how medical coding and billing help you to create good career opportunities, especially for fresher graduates and other professionals.

Medical coders and billers enjoy a rewarding career

 The Healthcare sector, like any other industry, took a massive hit after the Covid 19 situation. However, unlike other professionals, the demand for medical coders and billers was quite high. According to the Bureau of labor statistics, the profession of medical coders and bills are projected to increase by 9% between the year 2019 to 2029. As per the estimation of BLS, more than 34,300 job opportunities will be created every year, which means that graduates will have an excellent opportunity to build their careers.

Graduates need not spend many years becoming professional medical coders or billers

 Medical billing and coding is an excellent career pathway for graduates since the time frame required to become a qualified professional is much shorter than in other medical professions. To become a certified and qualified medical biller, you may have to spend 1 to 4 years. The time frame can vary since people choose a variety of training and educational pathways. You can easily transition into a medical coder or biller by earning a high school diploma or GED. From then, you need to get certificates in the medical coding and billing field, which requires a minimum of one year. Graduates who want to earn an associate degree must spend 2 years. A bachelor’s degree in coding and billing takes 4 years.

There are plenty of vocational schools and community colleges that offer graduate medical coding and billing programs. Many graduates also opt for APCC training and complete their continuing education units and certification exam. To complete the online medical billing and coding quotes of an APCC and get certified, you would have to spend 8 to 12 months.

Students can increase their earning potential by expanding their skill set

 Even though employers do not require graduates to get a certification degree for themselves compulsorily, the APCC reveals that certified medical coders and billers earn more than 39% salary compared to professionals hired without certification and training programs. The average annual salary of medical coders is around $53051, while certified medical coders get a higher salary of $57646. On the other hand, medical coders hired without a certification program earn an average salary of $41543 annually. Therefore, graduates can secure their position in the medical field and stand out in the competitive job market by opting for certification training programs.

Graduates have the scope to ensure career advancement in their future

 Graduates who earn more credentials negotiate for higher salaries. Specialists in the field of medical coding and billing earn a higher salary. Experts with 2 or more credentials earn an average salary of $63085, whereas coders with 3 or more credentials earn up to $68589. Some top credentials that can help graduates increase their earning potential are certified professional compliance officer, certified professional coder instructor, certified documentation expert, outpatient specialist, etc. One of the prime reasons most graduates opt for medical coding and billing is the advantage of career mobility that comes with this profession. Both medical coders and billers have enhanced flexibility to change their work settings and jobs without leaving the profession. The profession of medical coding and billing is constantly changing and growing. As a result, professionals do not get bored with their work.

Graduates have ongoing learning opportunities

 Specialists in medical coding and billing are exposed to the ongoing learning process. Graduates with credentials get the golden opportunity to increase their salary, brush their skill sets, and learn new coding skills. Many specialty credential examinations test the ability of medical coders and builders in specific tasks. Graduates planning to join the medical billing and coding profession should understand the medical terminology and procedure to expand their skill set. Several organizations offer training to help graduates earn certification and complete their education.

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