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Nokia X10 initial review: Love-it-Trust it-Keep it

Nokia X10

Nokia’s lineup of telephones was beginning to get muddled with numbers and decimals, so in 2021, it chose to just things with a C, G, and X scope of gadgets.

The Nokia X10 is one of this new variety of gadgets, with an X20 sitting close by it and marginally higher specced.

Nokia says that the X series pushes limits and presently addresses a kind of top-level for Nokia gadgets. So what do you really get?

Design and display

At the point when Nokia returned to the universe of Android telephones, it overemphasized toughness. Smartphones were projected from aluminum blocks, intended to be strong, or if nothing else, to stay away from the plastic form of such countless reasonable telephones.

Yet, this telephone is plastic on the back, with two tones on offer, Forest (green) and Snow (white). It’s not simply a level tone, there’s some profundity to it and it looks great, with a matte completion. There’s some sparkle to it as the light gets it – bringing about a telephone that looks very great.

The back of the telephone is overwhelmed by that camera exhibit sitting in the middle, with the finger impression scanner shifting aside from the telephone, a la Sony. Initial feelings are that it functions admirably enough, in spite of the fact that we’ll perceive how that stands up as we utilize the telephone more.

It’s a huge telephone and quite weighty, yet with a 6.67-inch show, that will be normal. There’s still some bezel around that presentation, particularly across the base where the Nokia logo sits.

Not coming to the edges of the telephone body loans a somewhat less expensive look to the gadget and apparently, Nokia might have decreased the general impression thusly.

There’s a production line fitted screen defender, albeit this has all the earmarks of being extra from Nokia’s waterdrop score gadgets, as there’s as yet an indent in the defender, despite the fact that it’s a focal poke hole here.

Initial feelings of the presentation are sensible: we’ve not put a lot of content through it to perceive how it performs, yet there’s unquestionably a lot of room. It’s not quite so lively as presentations higher up the cell phone’s natural way of life, however that will be normal. We’ll bring a more profound evaluation as we utilize the telephone more.

The unique mark scanner serves as the power button underneath the volume rocker, the contrary side of the telephone sees a Google Assistant button.

On the foundation of the telephone, you’ll find the 3.5mm earphone attachment which is invited for those needing that simplicity of association, while the speaker is likewise on the base. Early impressions recommend that it’s not incredible and this telephone truly misses sound system conveyance.

It accompanies a link and compostable case in the container, there’s no power connector provided, all piece of Nokia’s obligation to diminish its ecological effect.

Hardware and performance

Sitting at the core of this telephone is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 480 5G. This is a passage-level stage intended to give reasonable admittance to the most recent availability, 5G. The thought is that you don’t need to stress over falling behind, on the grounds that you’ll have those quicker information rates – assuming not today, later on.

Yet, Qualcomm has 5G contributions at many positions – in the Snapdragon 600 and 700 series – the two of which are likewise utilized in some more reasonable gadgets as well. We will put this Smartphone through some serious hardship to perceive how it acts in the day by day use, in gaming, in web-based media, and amusement, to check whether it can keep up – however, we presume that draw of likewise evaluated telephones with higher-grade equipment will bait individuals to different gadgets.

Such adversaries incorporate the Redmi Note 10 Pro or the Realme 8 Pro, where it seems as though you’re getting more for your cash. Be that as it may, we’ll test precisely how this Snapdragon 480 telephone acts in our full survey.

The telephone is double SIM, or you can utilize microSD to help the 64GB of capacity.

There’s a 4470mAh battery however we’ve not cut to the chase of testing its perseverance. Whenever we’ve put this telephone through some serious hardship, we’ll have a vastly improved thought of how the battery performs – and we’ll refresh you.


Quad camera system:

Nokia’s camera exhibit on the back of the telephone is commonplace for ongoing telephones at this value point. It leads with a high-goal fundamental sensor, here it’s 48-megapixels, depending on pixel joining to give you an end-product.

It’s upheld by a 5-megapixel ultrawide camera, which may be valuable – before you get to a couple of 2-megapixel sensors, one for profundity and one for full scale. We’re not anticipating much from these extra focal points.

Past experience of this kind of camera loadout doesn’t give us much expectation, however, we’ll make certain to test it completely and perceive how it performs.


Nokia used to compose Android One on the back of its telephones and wear that as a symbol of honor. You’ll in any case see Android One move quickly over the presentation when you start the telephone, yet the reason for Android One appears to have dropped off the radar.

The thought was to give individuals stock Android telephones, liberated from the bulge, with quick updates. Nokia hasn’t been the quickest to refresh its telephones throughout the last year and this telephone isn’t liberated from bulge either – it accompanies Amazon, Spotify, and Express VPN preinstalled. We’re not even certain if that qualifies as Android One any longer.

Yet, Nokia is additionally encouraging 3 years of programming refreshes for this gadget, which is uplifting news, since you’ll presumably have the product to stay up with the latest through the term of this telephone.

First Impressions

The most appealing thing about the Nokia X10 is what it looks like: there’s a major presence in a fair measured telephone and completion that is really exceptional – and we like the Forest tone.

We clearly need to invest a ton of energy testing the presentation of this telephone and assessing how that center equipment directs the experience – while dragging the camera through hellfire as well.

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Nokia may be under pressure in this position, be that as it may, for certainly remarkable opponents – however, we’ll present to you a full survey straightaway.

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