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“The youth have to come ahead.” Mr. Manish Sharma – founder of Yamasha Venture

The top trending investment consultant Yamasha venture limited is continuously trying to provoke the lazy youth of India to get up and start investing and earning.

The founder of Yamasha venture limited Mr. Manish Sharma says – “ If The great American investor Mr. Warren Buffett can buy his first stock at the age of eleven, then why don’t an Indian can start investing at a young age?”

According to Mr. Sharma, of course, it’s a privilege if you belong to a family where people are investing in the stock market so that you can learn from your own family members but in case no one in your family is interested in investment, you still can learn and start your investment journey with your small savings.

Yamasha venture limited is the first investment consultant in India that is making a strong existence with ethics and some different aims.

One of the main mottos of Yamasha venture limited is to encourage Indian youth to invest in the stock market.

As per Mr. Manish Sharma, if youngsters will start investing their savings, they can help their families financially, and also they will become independent. Mr. Sharma strongly believes in the culture of India but he also adores the financial independency of foreign countries. He says that in European countries, mostly after high schooling a teenager is supposed to live on his own, do part time job, sponsor his further studies and pay his bills on his own. Because of the joint family concept in India, we can’t totally adopt this independency but partially we can and we should.

Mr. Sharma himself started investing and learning about stock market at a young age, he strongly believes that his father and uncle encouraged him for the same. He says that he was born and brought up in a family where almost everyone is interested in business which is pure luck but also he worked so hard to come out as a professional investor.

Mr. Sharma is not only a business magnate and investor but also a mentor for those who are willing to achieve their goals in life. Therefore he is helping lots of start ups to grow and take their place in the global market.

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As per the statics, more than 2000 youngsters are investing and learning about the stock market through Yamasha venture limited and the number is only going to increase in near future.

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